Singing Waiters – Top Choice for 2015

The Singing Waiters are without a doubt one of the most exciting and therefore in demand unique entertainment options available for civil partnerships nationwide. The act, which can consist of either two or three singers of different genres and styles, depending on your mood and party theme, is a phenomenally welcome addition to any event. The spectacular, highly charged and energetic performance of classical opera style and modern is an extraordinary spectacle to behold and never fails to leave the surprised guests both stunned and applauding for more!



For those looking to inject a touch of excitement and spontaneity into their special evening need look no further as the Singing Waiters, who have proved time and time again, are all you need to set yourself and your guests up for a memorable as well as dance and laughter filled evening. Unique and unusual entertainment has never been of such high quality. The trained singers are masters of their craft and you only have to witness the act for a few seconds until you realize why. The always brilliant and incredibly funny performance lasts for around thirty minutes, approximately 9 songs.


Don’t hesitate to make the Singing Waiters part of your celebrations!

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