22nd May 2015 – Marriage Referendum

The trending Twitter hashtag seems like the perfect title for this blog and so we’d like to follow suit and declare a resounding #YES for the upcoming marriage referendum.







The team at Civil Parnterships Ireland found it of high importance to voice their support and stand proud as an office of ‘YES-Voters’ and gladly offered their faces and voices to the Irish Independent. As the article explains, Mark Downing, who is the CEO of Audionetworks jumped at the idea of launching http://www.civilpartnerships.ie/ after Civil Partnerships had been legalised in Ireland, in 2011. Mark himself has always been in favour of Equal Rights and thought it to be of great relevance to create a network to cater for same sex partnerships and events of the LGBT community, by providing the musical entertainment.

Take a look at the article:



We would love to ask everyone that has registered, to vote, because your word counts! 22nd May 2015 marks an important day in Irish history. We are given the chance to live in a country of equality and allowing every single citizen to be treated the same, to be treated human! Who possibly could feel they hold the right to tell two individuals that share a special bond with each other, that they can or cannot take their vows and marry as husband and husband, wife and wife or husband and wife.

Please vote and lead as an example for other countries and states. It’s your call !!