Irish Harpist

Claire O’ Donnell is widely recognized as one of Ireland’s most prominent musicians and one of the country’s foremost harpists, playing both Classical Concert and Traditional Irish Harp.

At the tender age of eight Claire first discovered her passion for the harp and began her lifetime of learning in The Royal Irish Academy of Music Dublin only to later progress in the Conservatoire National De Music Reims in France.

A child prodigy, Claire’s undeniable talent was soon recognized as she became the youngest performer at the Ninth World Harp Congress in Dublin in 2005 and was appointed principle harpist with The National Youth Orchestra in 2007.

Her playing, only as stunning as her beauty, is a phenomenal addition to any event. Creating an amazing ambience of strings, you will see the plucking of the harp quickly becomes the perfect background  soundtrack to any drinks reception, ceremony or private party alike.