Offering a wide and diverse range of dancers, everything from flamenco, samba and salsa dancers to cancan, burlesque, belly and traditional Irish dancers, we have the ability to provide dancers of varying traditions so as to best accommodate any themed night, ceremony or event. Ideal for Drinks Receptions or Interval Entertainment, all of our dancers, although very different, are extremely talented in their various styles of dance and continue to exceed expectations delivering spectacular performances at every occasion.


Traditional Irish Dancers

Having toured throughout Europe and Asia, our traditional Irish Dancers are at the pinnacle of their profession. Hailing from the the prestigious O’Shea School of Irish Dancing, one of the most widely recognized and highly respected companys of Traditional Irish dancing in Ireland, all of the dancers maintain the highest level of excellence which is obviously apparent in every performance. To indicate the standard of their professionalism, they were responsible for providing eighteen of the twenty four dancers who accompanied Michael Flately and Jean Butler on stage when Irish Dance made it’s first dramatic impact during the interval of the Eurovision Contest in 1994.

Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco dancing is, as well as an incredibly emotive style of dance, extremely entertaining. The dancer is constantly striving to express his or her emotions through movement, making the entire performance a joy to watch.These hugely popular and fantastically skilled dancers use many form of instrument, including their bodies, in this art of expression. Clapping their hands, kicking their feet, snapping castanets as well as backing music from a guitar and other instruments all contribute to make this act the overwhelming success that it is and will continue to be.

Salsa Dancers

Salsa Dancers and Latin Dance classes provide you with a chance to learn a unique combination of African and Latin Rhythms while simultaneously being entertained. An unusual entertainment idea for any ceremony, private party or themed event, our Salsa Dancers are guaranteed to keep you and your guests dancing all night ensuring your civill partnership is one to remember.

Burlesque Dancers

It was Dita Von Tease who brought the Burlesque style of dancing back into the limelight with her famous ‘Girl in a Martini Glass’ routine, even taking her provocative act onto America’s Got Talent TV show. This infamous, intriguing and sensual style of dancing has been completely revamped over the last 10 years, becoming a fantastic new idea and unique entertainment solution for private events, ceremonies and civil partnerships alike.

Belly Dancers

Bellydancing is a brilliantly unique entertainment option for any type of event. This sensationally sensual and emotive style of dance is sure to simultaneously captivate and enthrall your every guest, whatever the setting. This unique form of dancing has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people than ever not only learning this ancient and beautiful art, but having bellydancers perform at all kinds of ceremony.

Can Can Dancers

Our phenomenally talented group of Can Can Dancers consist of four classically trained dancers who, although individually brilliant, combine to create a fantastic act. Collectively they have professionally been performing The Can Can Dance around Dublin since 2005, as well as for music venues, corporate events and festivals nationwide. Appearing at some of Europe’s biggest events such as Electric Picnic, with Russell Brand at the National Stadium, Launch’s for Jolie, Angels Quest Ball, La Pigalle Tour and many more.