Jack Wise

Jack Wise is a Dublin based magician and comedian and one of the country’s most popular unique entertainers. Street Performer of 2010, Jack brilliantly fuses magic and comedy creating an equally hilarious and exciting performance. His passion for entertaining and amazing audiences as well as his gift for sleight of hand was discovered at a young age and since, Jack Wise has has progressed to a level of mastery, entertaining an array of audiences at a variety of events from coast to coast.

A fun, innovative and original unique entertainment solution, involving everything from close-up magic, sword swallowing and illusions to comedy stand up and ventriloquism, Jack Wise’s now infamous act is an astonishing spectacle top behold and consistently continues to exceed expectations.

Jack’s razor sharp wit, eye-popping sleight of hand and ‘Jedi’ mind tricks has made him the choice for a myriad of celebs including U2, Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue, to name but a few.

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