Jungle Boogie

Jungle Boogie are Ireland’s ultimate boogie/rock band, featuring some of the most widely respected artists the country has to offer including; Larry Hogan (guitars & vocals), Ronan Johnston (piano & vocals), Andy Mann (guitar & vocals), Paul Cantwell (drums) and Brian Hogan (bass).

Larry Hogan as well as being an extremely proficient guitar player he is also a renowned producer and composer. Having payed with some of the all time greats such as Bono and Ronan Keating, Larry has also recorded and played with ‘The Band’ of the legendary Bob Dylan and has been involved in many platinum selling albums.

Andrew Mann, who has recently completed his debut album Hidden In Plain Sight is an extraordinary and exceptionally gifted Irish singer-song writer who has spent the last six years performing professionally around Ireland and Europe. Other accomplishments include writing and singing the ‘All Together Now’ theme song for the Centra’s advertising campaign on Irish TV.

Ronan Johnston has been a TV presenter, keyboard player, writer of music for TV and theatre as well as a record producer to name but a few of his specialities. Since playing with his early bands Wall to Wall, Boys Will Be Boys, and Roobarb & The Doodlebugs in the 1980’s, Ronan has gained a wealth of experience and has established himself as one of the most impressive piano players around.He has played piano, Hammond and accordion with the Black Velvet Band, written the music for ‘Over Ireland’ for PBS in the US, composed over fifty signature tunes and soundtracks for TV, Film and Theatre.

Paul Cantwell otherwise affectionately known as “The man on the skins” or drummer if you prefer, is yet another fantastic musician highly skilled in his instrument. A joy to witness play, Paul’s overall effortless proficiency is both impressive as well as exciting and time and time again Paul proves to be an extremely valuable member of this stunningly brilliant band.